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Hey, ladies:

Jordan Knight will give (2) select cities & radio stations a "SNEAK PREVIEW" of his new album + play all the "HITS" live. This will be the only chance to catch him live before the end of 2003!!! You don't want to miss out on this!!

92.5 KISS FM
Jordan Knight
December 12, 2003
4500 N. Detroit Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43612
7 pm, $10 (I think)
I stole this description from the official Jordan Knight website. Dude, it's our last chance to see him live in 2003!!!!!!!!! And it's a "SNEAK PREVIEW" of his new album!!!!!! He is playing all the "HITS"!!!!!!!!!

By "HITS" I hope they mean New Kids on the Block songs, and that one song of his that was famous. By "SNEAK PREVIEW" they mean he's been washed up for years, and if they can make it sound semi-elite, someone might show up. That someone is ME!!!!

Girls Night Out, Friday, December 12th: mini-road trip to Jordan Knight in Ohio.
Does it honestly get any better? (Maybe only if Marky Mark Wahlberg or Joey McIntyre made "SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES!") I'm hitting up Dots or something to find ridiculously flashy gear to sport.

Girls night out is my favorite!
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