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the final countdown

It was GREAT seeing those of you who attended Greg's party on Saturday night (which happens to be half the members of this community). In other words, AWESOME.

I would realllllly like to see the bro's who will read this at The Stick this upcoming Thursday, for a plethora of reasons. Come on, guys, I cut a mean rug, and I will have hugs and smiles to match!

Girls night out Friday, but I'll be attending the RHS boys varsity basketball game, as MV3000G is on the team this year and this is (maybe) one of the only games I'll be able to make. However, Kyle and I are getting a hotel room at the red roof inn afterwards, and all laaaaaadies are invited!

Monday the 22nd in the daytime, I'm getting my makeup done at the Somerset Mac counter by my friend Betty at 2 pm, and before/afterwards I'll be finishing up Christmas shopping, though DEFINITELY not at $omerset!

As always, all are welcome; get in touch! <3
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